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Venetica Cheats, Hints, Unlockables [XBox 360]

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There are cheats, hints, unlockables for Venetica for Xbox 360, enjoy!!

Venetica Hints:

Combination Lock Solutions

Unlock the treasure rooms in Venetica by these lock combinations:

  • Forest Hut

These are four buttons two on each side of the second story fire place / 2431

  • Catacombs

These are four stones on either side of the iron bars / 4132

  • Chimney

This is a valve by the stairs in the Arsenal District / 3241

  • Windmill Tavern

These are four stones on the balcony inside the tavern, all the way on the left side / 1324

  • Victors secret

These are books in the bottom floor of the library in The Net of the Mask building / 1431

These post contain Venetica cheats, hints, unlockables for Xbox 360 platform. Feel free to drop a comment if you have another cheats 🙂

Platform: XBox 360

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