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Dishonored Cheats, Hints, Unlockables [XBox 360]

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There are cheats, hints, unlockables for Dishonored for Xbox 360, enjoy!!

Dishonored Cheat :

Safe Codes

Enter the following combinations to open the corresponding safe.
Mission 1:
Dishonored: 451
Mission 2:
High Overseer Campbell (Dr. Galvani’s house): 287
Mission 2:
High Overseer Campbell (Overseer’s building kennel door): 217
Mission 2:
High Overseer Campbell (Overseer’s base): (20)3
Mission 3:
House Of Pleasure (Slackjaw quest): 138, 656, 679, 696, or 879
Mission 3:
House Of Pleasure (Artist’s house): 656 or 696
Mission 4:
The Royal Physician (top floor of building): 437 or 473
Mission 4:
The Royal Physician (behind painting): 294
Mission 6:
Return To The Tower (Lord Regent’s quarters): 935
Mission 7:
Flooded District (after diving in water to enter building): 428, 525, 528, or 628
Mission 7:
Flooded District (Old Port District Sewer): 428, 525, 528, or 628
Just a heads up for what ever reason on mission 3 in the artist’s house that safe can actually have a few different safe combinations, so 879 doesn’t always work.

Dishonored Unlockables:


Dunwall City Trials Achievements

Assassin Vs. Machine (15)

Complete Train Runner before the train arrives at the station

By My Hand Alone (15)

Get to Wave 13 in Back Alley Brawl killing all combatants personally

Daredevil (15)

In Bonfires, perform all the special combination jumps in 1 round

Headhunter (15)

Complete Assassin’s Run with 100% accuracy using only head shots

Long Way Down (15)

Perform a drop assassination of at least 150 meters in the Kill Cascade challenge

Mrs Pilsen’s Remorse ((30))

Find Emily’s doll hidden in each of the 10 challenges

Natural Talent (15)

Finish Mystery Foe without using any active supernatural powers

Rare Collector (15)

Find all of the collectable figurines in Burglar on Expert

Time Management (15)

Finish Chain Kill or Bend Time Massacre without failing any wave, including bonuses

Void Star (50)

Complete all Normal and Expert challenges with a 3-Stars rating


Main Game Achievements

Dishonored (5)

Escaped Coldridge Prison

Excommunication (5)

Eliminated High Overseer Campbell

Back Home (10)

Yrabbed a live grenade and threw it back, killing an attacker

Capturing Genius and Madness (10)

Abducted Anton Sokolov, Royal Physician

Child Care (10)

Located Lady Emily Kaldwin, heir to the throne

Cleaner (10)

Fought 5 enemies at once and none of them survived

Harm’s Way (10)

Caused 5 unintentional suicides

Inhabitant (10)

Stayed in possession of others for most of a 3 minute period

Manipulator (10)

Made others kill 5 of their own allies

Political Suicide (10)

Brought about the Lord Regent’s fall from grace by broadcasting his crimes

Razor Rain (10)

Killed 5 characters with Drop Assassination

Regicide (10)

Assassinated the Lord Regent, Hiram Burrows

Rogue (10)

Assassinated 10 unaware enemies

Speed of Darkness (10)

Traveled 30 meters in less than 1 second

The Escapist (10)

Eluded 5 pursuers at once without killing them or leaving the map After escaping Coldrigde Prison

This Is Mine (10)

Recovered your belongings

Wall of Sparks (10)

Killed an enemy with the Wall of Light

Big Boy (20)

Killed a tallboy using only your sword

Faceless (20)

Completed a mission without alerting anyone after escaping Coldrigde Prison

Hornets’ Nest (20)

Killed 4 enemies in less than 1 second using the crossbow

Merchant of Disorder (20)

Acquired 15 equipment upgrades

Occultist (20)

Collected 10 bone charms

Specter (20)

Completed a mission, not alerting anyone and killing less than 5 people after escaping prison

Tempest (20)

Killed 6 enemies in less than 1 second

Thief (20)

Pickpocketed items worth a total of 200 coins

Versatile (20)

Killed characters with each weapon and offensive gadget

Ghost (30)

Completed all missions after the prologue, alerting or killing no one but key targets

Shadow (30)

Completed all missions after the prologue without alerting anyone

Surgical (30)

Played from the first mission through Kaldwin’s Bridge killing fewer than 10 characters

Mostly Flesh and Steel (50)

Finished the game without purchasing any supernatural powers or enhancements, besides Blink

Art Dealer (90)

Collected all the Sokolov paintings

Clean Hands (100)

Completed the game without killing anyone

Resolution (100 )

Completed the game

These post contain Dishonored cheats, hints, unlockables for Xbox 360 platform. Feel free to drop a comment if you have another cheat to share

Platform: XBox 360
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