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Ben 10 Omniverse 2 Cheats, Hints, Unlockables [XBox 360]

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There are cheats, hints, unlockables for Ben 10 Omniverse 2 for XBox 360, enjoy!!

Ben 10 Omniverse 2 Unlockables:


Conplete the following requirements to unlock achievements and get gamerscore point:

Marathon Man (50 points)

Run 42,195 meters.

Breakout (10 points)

Smash 25 Breakable Walls.

Wrecking Crew (20 points

Smash 75 Breakable Walls.

Smash and Grab (30 points)

Smash 150 Breakable Walls.

Leapfrog (10 points)

Leap over 25 Jumpable Walls.

Jump, Jump (20 points)

Leap over 75 Jumpable Walls.

Spring Shoes (30 points)

Leap over 150 Jumpable Walls.

Fastball Special (10 points)

Detonate 25 Explosive Walls with a projectile.

Sharpshooter (20 points)

Detonate 75 Explosive Walls with a projectile.

Bullseye! (30 points)

Detonate 150 Explosive Walls with a projectile.

Long Jump (10 points)

Jump over 20 pits.

More Power! (30 points)

Collect 1,000 Omnitrix Energy Orbs.

You Break it, You Bought it! (30 points)

Break 100 Omnitrix Energy containers.

Learned Scholar (10 points)

Complete the Tutorial Level.

Lack of Communication (30 points)

Complete Level 1.

Incursean Incursion (30 points)

Complete Level 2.

New Kid on the Block (30 points)

Complete Level 3.

Underground Scene (30 points)

Complete Level 4.

Infiltrate Exterminate (30 points)

Complete Level 5.

Outta There! (30 points)

Complete Level 6.

All In a Day’s Work (50 points)

Complete the game.

Check Out These Pythons (25 points)

Collect both of Four Arm’s Upgrade Tokens in Single Player.

You’re On Fire! (25 points)

Collect both of Swampfire’s Upgrade Tokens in Single Player.

How I Roll (25 points)

Collect both of Cannonbolt’s Upgrade Tokens in Single Player.

Super-Chirp (25 points)

Collect both of Crashhopper’s Upgrade Tokens in Single Player.

Speedy Recovery (25 points)

Collect both of XLR8’s Upgrade Tokens in Single Player.

I’m Cool Like That (25 points)

Collect both of Big Chill’s Upgrade Tokens in Single Player.

Tastes Like Chicken (25 points)

Collect both of Bullfrag’s Upgrade Tokens in Single Player.

Block Party (25 points)

Collect both of Bloxx’s Upgrade Tokens in Single Player.

Wing and a Prayer (25 points)

Collect both of Astrodactyl’s Upgrade Tokens in Single Player.

Newtonian Alien (25 points)

Collect both of Gravattack’s Upgrade Tokens in Single Player.

Not Just Another Toadie (15 points)

Defeat 25 Toad Battlers.

Flame Retardant (15 points)

Defeat 25 Fire Infantry.

Lillypad Shootout (15 points)

Defeat 25 Toad Assault Mercs.

Kill You Last (15 points)

Defeat 25 Commandos.

Frozen Assets (15 points)

Defeat 25 Ice Infantry.

Do You Even Lift? (15 points)

Defeat 25 Powerlifters.

Tank Spanker (15 points)

Defeat 25 Toad Tank Mechs.

Bad Case of Gas (15 points)

Defeat 25 Gas Infantry.

Challenge Accepted (20 points)

Collect all the Arena Challenge Tokens.

Can’t We All Just Get Along? (30 points)

Defeat all Arena Challenges.

Return To Sender (5 points)

Use the “Return to Azmuth” option in the Pause Menu.

I’m Not Dead Yet! (15 points)

Change from Ben back into an Alien Form without dying.

Hero (20 points)

Complete the game on Hero Difficulty.

These post contain Ben 10 Omniverse 2 cheats, hints, unlockables for XBox 360 platform. Feel free to drop a comment if you have another cheat to share 😀

Platform: XBox 360
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