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Super Paper Mario Cheats, Hints, Unlockables [Wii]

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There are Super Paper Mario cheats, hints, unlockable for Wii console. Enjoy it.

Super Paper Mario Hints

Game Arcade

When you in the coffe shop in Flipside B1(into 3D mode), you can go to an arcade where you can play three different arcade games through a gold pipe. If you have a Gold Card (get it in the Flopside Milk Bar by going 3D an opening a treasure chest) you can unlock the game arcade fourth game.

Inifinite 3D with Mario.

You can go in 3D as long as you want by beat Flopside Pit of 100 Trails twice and get Mario’s Card.

Easy Experience, Coins, and Items

Go to Chapter 5-4. Go to the metal door in the first section, which you go through. Head past the second area save point.  You will drop down a level, and there will be a ? block down below. You can collecting the Helper Marios on the block. Then, jump onto the block and edge towards the nearby tube releasing Floro Sapiens. Switch to the Bommer (Pixi), drop him, and wait until the head detaches. You’ll get 600 exp, coins, plus dropped items.

World 2-3 Safe Combo

You asked for one million rubees after you broke a vase. There a way to make them fast.

Head down one floor from the prisoners and go down on level. Go forward and grab the slimming pixel. Now you have the ability to go into 2D in 3D mode (paper effect). Use this ability to acces the vault safe at bank : 41262816

Super Paper Mario Unlockables

New Pixls

There are 4 other Pixls you don’t need to beat the game, but they help.

Unlockable How to Unlock
Barry (Provides a force field that protects you and can hurt enemies) Beat Francis in chapter 3-4, then find Barry behind a bush in chapter 3-1
Piccolo (Makes melodies that trigger in-game events and cures some status problems) Place the 6th pure heart, talk to Merlee and help her, talk to Merluvlee, then Bestovious, Watchitt, Merlumina, then Merluvlee to get Random House key
Dashell (makes you go really fast) The bottom of Flipside Pit of 100 trials
Tiptron (Just like Tippi) Buy it from Francis after you beat the game for 999 coins!!!

Items and stages

Unlockable How to Unlock
Extra Mini Game in the Flipside’s Basement Get the Golden Card
Flopside’s Pit of 100 trials Beat Flipside’s Pit of 100 trials
Flipside’s Pit of 100 trials Beat Chapter 1 and unlock the outskirt in Flipside

These post contain  Super Paper Mario for Wii platform. If you have another cheats, feel free to drop a comment 🙂

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