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MySims Cheats, Hints, Unlockables [Wii]

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There are cheats, hints, unlockables for MySims for Wii, enjoy!!

MySims Cheat:


Open the password entry screen by entering into the Wii remote: 2, 1, Down, Up, Down, Left, Left, Right, Right at the Pause screen.

  • Hipster Suit


  • Kimono Dress


  • Racecar Bed


  • Bunk Bed


  • Hourglass Couch


  • Modern couch


  • Camouflage pants


  • Genie Outfit


  • Rickshaw Bed


  • White jacket



MySims Hints:

All the Trees

Complete the following actions to collect all of the trees:

  • Apples

Shake then plant in first level.

  • Yellow Blossom

Shake and plant in garden.

  • Thorn

Destroy a flower.

  • Flower

Pull out a flower.

  • Dead Wood

Thorn or dead tree chop then pick up.

  • Light Wood

Chop a fine apple tree.

Find Essences

Complete the following actions to collect all of essences:

  • Cakes

Found in forest (prospecting)

  • Happy

Be nice to any sim

  • Angry

Be mean to any Sim

  • GingerBreadMan

Found in forest (prospecting)

  • Red Apple

Found in garden

  • Yellow Blossom

Found in garden

  • Cherry Blossom

Found in forest (on a tree)

  • Sunflower

Found in desert (on a tree)

  • Light Wood

Chop down trees (such as Red Apple)

  • Dark Wood

Chop down trees (such as Yellow Blossom)

  • Terrocatta Pottery

found in forest (prospecting)

MySims Unlockables

Special Sims

Get 100% interest level in the following towns to unlock. They’ll be waiting for you in the hotel.

  • Amazing Daryl

Fun Town

  • Chancellor Ikara

Tasty Town

  • Samurai Bob

Studious Town

  • Star

Geeky Town

  • Hopper

Cute Town

  • Mel

Spooky Town

Star Bonuses

Collect the following stars to collect the specified item:

  • 1 Star


  • 2 Stars


  • 3 Stars


  • 4 Stars


  • 5 Stars

Town Monument Blueprint

These post contain MySims cheats, hints, unlockables for Wii platform. If you have another cheat to be shared, feel free to drop a comment 😀

Platform: Wii
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