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Turbo: Super Stunt Cheats, Hints, Unlockables {Nintendo Wii U]

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There are cheats, hints, unlockables for Turbo: Super Stunt for Wii U, enjoy!!

Turbo: Super Stunt Cheat:


Enter the following codes below at the “Extras” menu screen to unlock specified effects:

AAA Shell

Chet, Skidmark, Smooth Move, Skidmark

Firestone Shell

Turbo, Whiplash, Turbo, White Shadow

New Shell

Turbo, Chet, White Shadow, Turbo

New Shell

Smooth Move, White Shadow, Smooth Move, Turbo

New Shell

Smooth Move, Turbo, Burn, Smooth Move

New Shell

Whiplash, Skidmark, Smooth Move, Whiplash

New Shell

Skidmark, Whiplash, Turbo, Skidmark

Reverse Mode

White Shadow, Turbo, Smooth Move, White Shadow

Turbos Original Racing Shell

Burn, Smooth Move, Turbo, Burn

Unlock Skidmark

Skidmark, Whiplash, Turbo, Burn

These post contain Turbo: Super Stunt cheats, hints, unlockables for Nintendo Wii U platform. Feel free to drop a comment if you have another cheat to share 🙂

Platform: Wii U
Posted on Sep 17, 2013 02:26:12 AM   

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