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Mario Kart 8 Cheats, Hints, Unlockables [Wii U]

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There are cheats, hints, unlockables for Mario Kart 8 for Wii-U, enjoy!!

Mario Kart 8 Unlockables:

Hidden characters

Unlock these Mario Kart 8 characters by getting first place in any cup and engine class in Grand Prix mode:

Rosalina | Metal Mario | Lakitu | Toadette | Baby Rosalina | Gold Peach | Iggy | Roy | Lemmy | Larry |Wendy | Ludwig | Morton

Note: The hidden character will unlock randomly, and you can’t unlock another hidden character on the same particular track and CC class


Unlock Mii

You must get gold medal in every cup of a single engine class to unlock Mii


Bonus cups

Successfully complete the indicated circuits in first place to unlock the corresponding cup:

Flower Cup

Complete the Mushroom Cup.

Star Cup

Complete the Flower Cup.

Special Cup

Complete the Star Cup.

Banana Cup

Complete the Shell Cup.

Leaf Cup

Complete the Banana Cup.

Lightning Cup

Complete the Leaf Cup.


Gold parts

Complete the following action to unlock specified gold parts below:

Gold Glider:

You must collect 10,000 coins.

Gold Handle:

You must use the Wii Handle for 50% of your most recent 100 stages.

Gold Standard Kart:

You must get one star or more on every 150cc and Mirror mode race

Gold Tires

You must break all of the Time Trials Staff Ghost records.


Bonus parts

Unlock bonus part by collecting coins in Grand Prix, VS mode and online races. Every part can be obtained for 50 coins, after earning 1000 coins, the interval increase to 100 coins each

Cushion Wheels (Wheels)

50 coins

Mr. Scooty (Bike)

100 coins

Blue Standard (Wheels)

150 coins

Pipe Frame (Kart)

200 coins

Tri-Speeder (Three-wheeled Kart)

250 coins

Slick (Wheels)

300 coins

Wild Wiggler (ATV)

350 coins

Button (Wheels)

400 coins

Cloud Glider (Glider)

450 coins

Varmint (Bike)

500 coins

Plane Glider (Glider)

550 coins

Yoshi Bike (Bike)

600 coins

Flower Glider (Glider)

650 coins

The Duke (Bike)

700 coins

Circuit Special (Kart)

750 coins

Prancer (Kart)

800 coins

Crimson Slim (Wheels)

850 coins

Landship (Kart)

900 coins

Flame Rider (Bike)

950 coins

Retro Off-Road (Wheels)

1,000 coins

Steel Driver (Kart)

1,100 coins

Azure Roller (Wheels)

1,200 coins

Wario Wing (Glider)

1,300 coins

Comet (Bike)

1,400 coins

Off-Road (Wheels)

1,500 coins

Metal Wheels (Wheels)

1,600 coins

Jet Bike (Bike)

1,700 coins

Teddy Buggy (Kart)

1,800 coins

Waddle Wing (Glider)

1,900 coins

Bowser Kite (Glider)

2,000 coins

Hot Monster (Wheels)

2,100 coins

Cat Cruiser (Kart)

2,200 coins

Sponge (Wheels)

2,300 coins

Peach Parasol (Glider)

2,400 coins

MKTV Parafoil (Glider)

2,500 coins

Cyber Slick (Wheels)

2,600 coins

Sports Coupe (Kart)

2,700 coins


2,800 coins


2,900 coins


3,000 coins

These post contain Mario Kart 8 cheats, hints, unlockables for Wii-U platform. Feel free to drop a comment if you have another cheat to share






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