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Patapon 2 Cheats, Hints, Unlockables [PSP]

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There are Patapon 2 cheats, hints, unlockable for PSP console

Patapon 2 Hint:

Extra Boss Items

If you want to have extra bosses drop items, you can evolve a Patapon to its plant form and raise its level up to 10. When it’s reached level 10, it’s stagger ability should be maxed.Bosses drop items when staggered, so have him out in any boss battle.

Key Items

You can get these items after you performed the actions below:

  • Mudstained Map

– kill the Zubatto on Mt. Gonrock

  • Soft Lithograph

– kill the Zugagang lvl 3

  • Unopenable Box

– kill Pekkora at Bryun Snowfields

  • Sealed Scroll

– kill some Yumimens at Sokshi Gate

  • Square Wheel

– After fighting the Staff General “Hukmen”, destory the small hut at the end

  • Mater Sprout

– kill the Dodonga lvl 1

Easy Demon Bones

After you beat mission 7 (Angry Monster Bird Motititi) up to level 5. Upgrade your Patapon to Menyokki. Then equip it with weapon that have ability to put a monster to sleep. You better have a weapon that deal a little damage. The longer the monster survive, the more bones you’ll receive.

Patapon 2 Unlockable:


Perform the actions listed below to unlock the following minigames:

  • Tree Minigame

– Complete “Training: Juju Jungle Course”

  • Mountain Minigame

– Complete the “Training – Nanjaro Hill Course” once. (wait patiently for the cannons to stop talking, then do 3 defense songs followed by 3 attack songs repeatedly)

  • Plant Minigame

– Dropped by Level 3+ Centura boss. (Mission 9-2)

  • Bell Minigame

– (Mission 14)

  • Liquid Minigame

– Dropped by Level 3+ Manboth (Mission 18-2)

  • Blacksmith Minigame

– Dropped by Level 3%

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