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Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Cheats, Hints, Unlockables [Playstation 3]

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There are cheats, hints, unlockables for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 for PS3, enjoy!!

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Cheats:

Play as Devil Kazuya

When you on character selection screen, choose Kazuya (but don’t select it) then press Up/Left + Circle + Triangle.

Start match with second partner

When the “Get ready for the next battle” message appears, hold [Tag].

Alternate Tag victory pose

When you defeated an opponent using a Tag throw, Tag assasult or Tag combo, then quickly hold X, Circle, Square, or Triangle.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Unlockables:


You must to complete the following actions to unlock trophies:


Avoid Flying Heads .

You escaped from Alisa’s Spam Bomb move.

Bad Date .

You dropped a damsel into the pool in the Eternal Paradise stage.

Be Still My Iron Heart .

You won a ranked match in Online Mode.

Below the Belt .

You must to pulled off 3 low parries.

Combot, On Standby! .

You cleared Stage 1 in Fight Lab.

Combot, Move Out! .

You cleared Stage 2 in Fight Lab.

Combot, Engage! .

You cleared Stage 3 in Fight Lab.

Combot, Annihilate! .

You cleared Stage 4 in Fight Lab.

Dance to Your Own Beat .

You changed the background music using TEKKEN TUNES.

Doused But Not Out .

Your upper body got wet in the Fallen Garden stage.

Dish Best Served Cold .

You must to pulled off 3 reversals.

Escape Artist .

You successfully completed 10 throw escapes.

Flying Butt-Kicker .

You must to pulled off 3 10 hit combos.

Geronimooo! .

You broke a balcony.

Iron Heartache .

You fought 3 times in Online Mode.

Lead Coach .

You dealt a total of 1,000 damage in Practice in Offline Mode.

Master of the Tag Combo .

You must to pulled off 10 Tag Combos.

Master of the Tag Assault .

You must to pulled off 10 Tag Assaults.

Master of the Direct Tag Assault .

You must to pulled off 3 Direct Tag Assaults.

Master of the Tag Throw .

You must to pulled off 10 Tag Throws.

Oodles of Ukemi .

You must to pulled off 3 ukemi.

PERFECT Player .

You won a PERFECT battle.

Preeminent Partner .

You cleared an Offline Mode arcade battle with a partner.

Renovation Time .

You broke a wall.

Secret Weapon .

You used an item move.

Solo Warrior .

You cleared an Offline Mode arcade battle solo.

Super-Speed Fists .

You cleared Offline Mode Time Attack within 20 minutes.

Stick It to ‘Em .

You must to pulled off 10 homing attacks.

Tekken Black Belt .

You earned 1st dan in Online Mode.

Tenacious Fighter .

You won 3 team battles in Offline Mode.

The Original Bouncer .

You must to pulled off 10 bound combos.

Tug at My Iron Heart Strings .

You won a player match in Online Mode.

Touch-Up Artist .

You customized a character.

True Friendship .

You must to pulled off 3 Tag Crashes.

Watch Your Step! .

You broke a floor.

Who You Gonna Call? .

You defeated 30 ghosts.



Bazillionaire .

You earned over 10,000,000G total.

Combot, Return to Base! .

You cleared Stage 5 in Fight Lab.

Enter the Vanquisher! .

You earned Vanquisher in Offline Mode.

Fickle Friend .

You switched places with your partner 765 times.

Fortunate Fighter .

You earned 3 Lucky Boxes.

GREAT Gladiator .

You won a GREAT battle.

Impressive Moves .

You must to pulled off a GREAT combo.

Insane Juggler .

You dealt more than 62 damage in a midair combo.

Movie Buff .

You unlocked 40 characters’ ending movies.

Proof of Your Existence .

You won 10 consecutive battles in Survival in Offline Mode.

The Best of Friends .

You must to pulled off 3 partner-specific Tag Throws.



Behold the Tekken Lord! .

You became Tekken Lord in Offline Mode.

Super Combot DX Complete .

You unlocked all the content in Fight Lab.



All Hail, Tekken Incarnate! .

You earned everything.

These post contain Tekken Tag Tournament 2 cheats, hints, unlockables for Playstation 3 platform. Feel free to drop a comment if you have another cheat to share :DD

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