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Mortal Kombat Cheats, Hints, Unlockables [Playstation 3]

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There are cheats, hints, unlockables for Mortal Kombat for PS3, enjoy!!

Mortal Kombat Cheats

Mortal Kombat Passwords

Vs Screen Codes

Enter the following codes on the versus screen before the match start for specifiec effect:

Armless Kombat

P1: 9-1-1 P2: 9-1-1

Blocking Disabled

P1: 0-2-0 P2: 0-2-0

Breakers Disabled

P1: 0-9-0 P2: 0-9-0

Dark Kombat

P1: 0-2-2 P2: 0-2-2

Double Dash

P1: 3-9-1 P2: 1-9-3

Dream Kombat

P1: 2-2-2 P2: 5-5-5

Enhance Moves Disabled

P1: 0-5-1 P2: 1-5-0

Explosive Kombat

P1: 2-2-7 P2: 2-2-7

Foreground Objects Disabled

P1: 0-0-1 P2: 0-0-1

Headless Kombat

P1: 8-0-8 P2: 8-0-8

Health Recovery

P1: 0-1-2 P2: 0-1-2

Hyper Fighting

P1: 0-9-1 P2: 0-9-1

Invisible Kombat

P1: 7-7-0 P2: 7-7-0

Jumping Disabled

P1: 8-3-1 P2: 8-3-1

Kombos Disabled

P1: 9-3-1 P2: 9-3-1

No Blood

P1: 9-0-0 P2: 9-0-0

Power Bars Disabled

P1: 4-0-4 P2: 4-0-4

Psycho Kombat

P1: 7-0-7 P2: 7-0-7

Quick Uppercut Recovery

P1: 3-0-3 P2: 3-0-3

Rainbow Kombat

P1: 2-3-4 P2: 2-3-4

Sans Power

P1: 0-4-4 P2: 4-4-0

Silent Kombat

P1: 3-0-0 P2: 3-0-0

Specials Disabled

P1: 7-3-1 P2: 7-3-1

Super Recovery

P1: 1-2-3 P2: 1-2-3

Throwing Disabled

P1: 1-0-0 P2: 1-0-0

Throwing Encouraged

P1: 0-1-0 P2: 0-1-0

Tournament Mode

P1: 1-1-1 P2: 1-1-1

Unlimited Super Meter

P1: 4-6-6 P2: 4-6-6

Vampire Kombat

P1: 4-2-4 P2: 4-2-4

X-Rays Disabled

P1: 2-4-2 P2: 2-4-2

Zombie Kombat

P1: 6-6-6 P2: 6-6-6

Player 2 Half Health

P1: 0-0-0 P2: 1-1-0

Player 1 Quarter Health

P1: 1-1-0 P2: 0-0-0

Player 2 Quarter Health

P1: 0-0-0 P2: 1-1-0

Player 1 Half Health

P1: 2-2-0 P2: 0-0-0

Hidden King of the Hill Avatar Moves

There are the list of the Hidden King of the Hill Avatar Moves:

Throw Tomato

Down, Down, Down, Up, X

Skunk (Stench)

Up, Down, Down, circle

Stink Wave

Right, Left, circle


Down, Down, Down, circle

Shake Head

Left, Right, X

Raiden Pose

Left, Left, Right, Right, square


Right, Right, square


Down, Down, Up, Up, square


Up, Up, square

Gather Ice

Right, Right, Right, Left, triangle

Devil Horns

Down, Up, square

Diamond Up

Up, Down, Left, triangle

Double Devil Horns Towards Screen.

Up, Down, triangle

Cover Face

Left, Right, circle


Left, Up, Down, circle

Big Clap

Right, Up, triangle

“I’m Not Worthy”

Down, Down, triangle


Down, Up, Down, X

“Finish Him!”

Left, Right, Left, Right, triangle


Left, Right, square


Up, Up, Right, Right, square


Up, Up, Circle

#1 Point

Down, Up, Triangle

These post contain Mortal Kombat cheats, hints, unlockables for Playstation 3. Feel free to drop a comment if you have another cheats 🙂


Platform: Playstation 3

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