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Dead Rising 2 Cheats, Hints, Unlockables [Playstation 3]

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There are Dead Rising 2 cheats, hints, unlockable for Playstation 3 console:

Dead Rising 2 Unlockable:

Achievement: Look At All That Juice

You can get “Look At All That Juice” achievement by create all following drinks and consume those drinks.

  • 1. Orange + Orange = Nector
  • 2. Chilli + Chilli = Energizer
  • 3. Beer + Beer = Pain Killer
  • 4. Milk + Jellybeans = Ouick Step
  • 5. Beer + Cooking Oil = Randomizer
  • 6. Chilli + Ketchup = Repulse
  • 7. Ketchup + Ketchup = Spitfire
  • 8. Bacon + Bacon = Untouchable
  • 9. Jellybeans + Chilli = Zombait

Alternate Endings

You can unlock 6 different alternate ending. It’s depending on how far you advance whether or not Katey gets her daily Zombex medicine.

Ending S (True ending)

Beat all cases and make sure Katey always get Zombrex every time. Before completing The Facts, give Katey TK Zombrex.

Ending A

Beat all cases and make sure Katey always get Zombrex every time. Before completing The Facts, DO NOT give Katey TK Zombrex.

Ending B

Make sure Katey always get Zombrex every time, then from case 6-2, let the time pass by until it’s 7AM on September 29 and Do not complete The Facts.

Ending C

Make sure Katey always get Zombrex every time but DO NOT do the cases. Get into the safehouse before the military arrives.

Ending D
Be outside the safehouse when the military arrives.

Ending E
Don’t give Katey Zombrex and get into the safehouse when the military arrives.

Special Items

To unlock special items, you must to perform the following actions:

  • Champion’s Jacket

Win a TIR Online episode

  • Convict Outfit

Kill 10 psychopaths

  • Dealer Uniform

Try on every piece of clothing in the game (not locker items)

  • TIR Helmet

Earn $1,000,000 in TIR Online

  • TIR Outfit

Earn $5,000,000 in TIR Online

  • Convicts

Kill 10 psychopaths

  • Hockey Mask

Use every melee weapon to make a kill

  • Tattered Clothes

Kill 1,000 zombies with hand-to-hand

  • Waitress Oufit, Bowling Shirt, Hunting Jacket, and Overalls

Import a Case Zero file to begin your game

  • Willamette Mall Outfit

Rescue 50 survivors

Ghosts ‘n Goblins Knight Armor

When you combined the 4 pieces of the Knight Armor your health will doubled. If lose 50% of your life, the armor will break and you will take normal damage in your shorts.

  • Beard Moustache

Go to the a shop name Wave of Style in Rozal Flush Plaza. Search at the back of store.

  • Knight’s Armour

Beat the game with a S Rating

  • Knight’s Boots

Purchase for $2,000,000 from “Moe’s Migitations” on the Platinum Strip

  • Knight’s Helmet

Rescue Jack in “Meet the Family” and beat him in poker in the case “Ante Up”

Dead Rising 2 Hint:

Hidden Spit Move

When you unarmed,you can unarmed the zombies by  press the aim button and press the throw or fire button.

Weapon Combo Cards

Here are the list of 50 Combo Cards in Dead Rising 2.

Bunny Cycle Dirtbike + Blue Stuffed Bunny
SMG Cycle Dirtbike + SMG
Slicecycle Dirtbike + Chainsaw
Holy Arms Training Sword + Nails
Blazing Aces Tennis Racket + Tiki Torch
Plate Launcher Cement Saw + plates
Exsanquinator Vacuum Cleaner + Saw Blades
Burning Skull Bull Skull + Motor Oil
Wingman Queen + Nectar
Spiked Bat Bat + Box of Nails
Snowball Cannon Water Gun + Fire Extiguisher
Paddlesaw Paddle + Chainsaw
Freedom Bear Robot Bear + LMG
Blambow Bow and Arrow + Dynamite
Laser Sword Flashlight + Gems
Power Guitar Electric Guitar + Amplifier
Tenderizers MMA Gloves + Box of Nails
Rocket Launcher Lead Pipe + Rocket Fireworks
Flamethrower Water Gun + Gas Canister
Bllitzkrieg Electric Chair + Assault Gun
Spear Launcher Leaf Blower + Spear
Tesla Ball Bingo Ball Cage + Battery
Super B.F.G. Blast Frequency Gun + Amplifier
Porta Mower Lawn Mower + 2×4
Infernal Arms Training Sword + Motor Oil
Auger Drill Motor + Pitchfork
Boomstick Pitchfork + Shotgun
Parablower Leaf Blower + Parasol
Electric Rake Rake + Battery
Dynameat Dynamite + Hunk of Meat
Handy Chipper Wheelchair + Lawn Mower
Super Slicer Servbot Mask + Lawn Mower
Roaring Thunder Goblin Mask + Battery
Knife Gloves Bowie Knife + Boxing Gloves
Freezer Bomb Dynamite + Fire Extinguisher
Hai Mary Grenade + Football
Defiler Fire Axe + Sledge Hammer
Driller Power Drill + Spear
Sticky Bomb Lawn Dart + Dynamite
Beer Hat Construction Hat + Beer
Fire Spitter Toy Spitball gun + Tiki Torch
Heliblade Machete + Remote Helicopter
Flaming Gloves Motor Oil + Boxing Gloves
Electric Chair Wheelchair + Battery
Ripper Cement Saw + Saw Blades
Hacker Flashlight + Computer Case
Fountain Lizard Fountain Fireworks + Lizard Head
Gem Blower Leaf Blower + Gems
Air Horn Pylon + Spray Paint
Pole Weapon Machete + Push Broom
Molotov Whiskey + Newspaper
I.E.D. Propane Tank + Nails
Drill Bucket Power Drill + Bucket

These post contain Dead Rising 2 cheats, hints, unlockables for Playstation 3 platform. Feel free to drop a comment if you have another cheats 🙂

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