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Spoore Cheats, Hints, Unlockables [PC]

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There are cheats, hints, unlockables for Spoore for PC, enjoy!!

Spoore Cheat


Press CTRL+SHIFT+C to open the cheat console. Then enter these codes below to get the desired effect.

NOTE: Some codes can only works during some conditions.

  • Captures a 360 degree .gif file of your current planet


  • Set Trait

setConsequenceTrait (X)

-Enter one of these for X: cell_carnivore, cell_herbivore, cell_omnivore, creature_aggressive, creature_social, creature_mixed, tribe_aggressive, tribe_social, tribe_mixed, civ_

  • Begin a new game with one an evolved creature


  • Answer Question

help (X)

-Replace X with a command to get an explanation.

  • Novelty oil paint effect

styleFilter -oilPaint

  • Adds DNA (Use in creation menu)


  • Add money (in Civilization and Space levels)


  • Unlock Superweapons


  • Unlock creation tools in Space


  • View the list of cheats


  • See movies


  • Eliminate complexity limits


  • Unlock all stages of life at the beginning of a new game

levels -unlock

  • Quit the game


  • Pirates go After Spices

universeSimulatorPirateRaidPlunderFrequency #

“#” is a digit that represents the rate that pirates will go after spice

  • Pirates Raid Allies

universeSimulatorPirateRaidAllyFrequency #

“#” is a digit that represents a rate that pirates will raid allies

  • Pirates Raid Your System

universeSimulatorPirateRaidFrequency #

“#” is a digit that represents a rate that pirates will raid your systems

  • Kills hints


  • Refills health


  • Mess with the time

SetTime (hour, minute)

  • Toggles a free camera


  • Novelty blocky creatures


  • Remove all color

styleFilter -filmNoir

  • Novelty microscopic view

stylefilter -microscope

  • change view back to normal

stylefilter -none

  • Alter colors

stylefilter -norainbows

  • Alter colors

stylefilter -nextgen

Change Planet and Star Names

You can rename all stars and planet in your system EXCEPT your homeworld by CTRL+SHIFT+C during the Space Stage, go to a solar system that’s not yours. Then enter these codes to change the star or planet name:

  • rename star X

Where “X” is the desired name

  • rename planet X

Where “X” is the desired name

These post contain Spoore cheats, hints, unlockables for PC platform. Feel free to drop a comment if you have another cheats to share 🙂


Platform: PC
Posted on Aug 4, 2011 03:15:18 PM   

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