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Impire Cheats, Hints, Unlockables [PC]

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There are cheats, hints, unlockables for  Impire for PC, enjoy!!


Unlock trophies by complete the following achievements:


  • A new friend

Earn a free unit

  • Allegiance

Win a mission of the Campaign mode in Co-Op

  • And so it begins

Finish the Chapter 1 in campaign mode

  • Brewmaster

Get 50 Heroes drunk

  • Butcher

Kill 100 Heroes

  • Conjurer

Summon every single Souless unit

  • Conqueror

Raid 300 sites

  • Creative mind

Earn 50 Tech points through the use of rooms

  • Demon Hunter

Kill 10 opponents’ dungeon lord

  • Demon Slayer

Kill 100 opponents’ dungeon lord

  • Dragonborn

Win a multiplayer skirmish game in Capture the Dragon mode

  • Dungeon Builder

Raise your dungeon up to level 10

  • Evil will always win because good is dumb!

Finish the Chapter 4 siding with Oscar in campaign mode

  • Executioner

Kill 5000 Heroes

  • First blood

Win a multiplayer skirmish game

  • Hellraiser

Summon every single Fiend unit

  • Kaboom!

Blow up 100 units

  • Kidnapper

Earn 100 treasures in ransom

  • King of the world

Win a multiplayer skirmish game in King of the Hill mode

  • Lord of Destruction

Raise your dungeon lord to lvl 10 in a skirmish game

  • Minefield

Have heroes trigger every type of ground traps

  • Murderer

Kill 1000 Heroes

  • No lose ends – Chapter 1

Finish every secondary quests in Chapter 1 of the campaign mode

  • One for all, all for one!

Win a mission of the Campaign mode in Co-Op with 3 other people

  • Opportunist

Kill 5 dungeon lord in a single skirmish game

  • Pillager

Raid 50 sites

  • Plunderer

Raid 150 sites

  • Quite an adventure

Finish the Chapter 3 in campaign mode

  • Ride the lightning

Use the Lightning spell 250 times

  • Rune Collector

Unlock 25 Runes

  • Stay away from the walls

Have heroes trigger every type of single wall traps

  • Tactician

Win a multiplayer skirmish game without your dungeon lord dying

  • The journey continue

Finish the Chapter 2 in campaign mode

  • Thinker

Craft every possible items

  • Trapwhich

Have heroes trigger every type of double wall traps

  • Unstoppable

Complete a mission without Baal dying

These post contain Impire cheats, hints, unlockables for PC platform. Feel free to drop a comment if you have another cheats to be shared 🙂

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