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Habbo Hotel Cheats, Hints, Walkthrough – PC

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Habbo Hotel Cheats, Hints, Walkthrough for PC.

View room occupants
Feed Code :chooser to find out who is in the room(Being in the Habbo Club/hc is must to do so).
Press and hold[Shift] and click any room to see its resident/occupant(valid for public rooms only)

Chooser for non hc
Select them by clicking on a person’s dialog/speech bubble.

View furni list
Feed Code :furni to find out a list of furniture in the room.

View room connection
Type Code :performance to know the current room connection status that how heavy is that. 1000 is just a perfect value.
Quick move furni
Press and hold [Alt] and click on furniture to move it instantly.

Extra screens
While playing the game, open a new window by pressing ctrl+N this will make you able to play the habbo on both at one time(hobbo in both windows will not be same)

Habbo Hotel is an online(internet) games based on credits to play.Canada and USA are where buying the credits is very cheap,but there is a way to get the credits with out purchasing them.all you need to follow is, go to the tiles screen after logging in then press F5 to enable(open) your purse or perform this by holding Ctrl+ Alt+e

Habbo Hotel Cheats, Hints, Walkthrough – PC

How to get a dance floor
you have to find “mike” on your habbo search,this character is a computer,ask him to be your friend, as he agrees on message from you”come to my room” he will answer “coming my dear”.

When he comes to your room, gift him something(any furni) he will answer”thanks you dear” and here he will present a BIG dance floor in the room.

Unlimited credits
Dial 1-900-942-266 enter this code Number:02136805 when it asks for a special code or Habbo ID and relax until it is accepted,as you hang up can see a photo of huge credit in your purse if you are not able to collect it with in 20 minutes retry, have fun with the credits

NOTE: slukaes ip number is a code which they use for mods and get infinite credits

Unlimited coins
Dial 1-900-226-4990 and enter this code :12509743 continue doing this for few minutes to get your coins.

Free 100 credits
Call haboo creadit line/number:0-906-900-9100 . feed this code: 20801349, get the 100 credits after a sound alert, just refresh you purse to find these.

Get 5000 credits in five minutes
This cheat is compatible with all Habbo servers,go through the following to grab your coins.

Call 1-900-677-4111 from land line and wait to be asked to enter the code

Enter :3627070 relax till you hear a sound(CHOU CHING) ,further 10 seconds wait and log on your habbo to find the coupons in your habbo purse,click the coupons/vouchers and enter 3647070 for the credits.

P.S. If you hear the lady saying”THINS CALL BE CHARGED TO YOUR BILL!” dont worry and ignore this,the secrete code 3647070 is for mods to get free credits

Get so much furniture on Canada
This is compatible with Habbo Canada Only ,go through the following.

Login Your habbo account,search for “TnguyenV” on hotel,go to his room”Fallin Furniture”, you can have some easy wins here(like HC TV or a TUBMASTER), give some best tries to win

How to keep your furni secure
having 2 habbo accounts will help you to keep your furni half divided into both accounts ,if in case your one account is hacked you will not lose the total furni, so this way you got secured the kept on other account.

Habbo Hotel Cheats, Hints, Walkthrough – PC

Free coins

Ring: 1-900-226-4990 feed code: 19075487 when they ask, and get more then 1000 credits daily on 10 attempts like 100 on first attempt,200 on nd attempt,300 on third attemp and so on till 1000 or so.feeding once will enable the coins to come on next login.

200 Free credits

Dial: 1-900-942-226 on land line(australia), feed code:03024511 and check your habbo purse after few minutes after hang up the line.

Free habbo club membership
This is compatible with Habbo Canada Only ,go through the following.

You have to find “Melenia142″ on the Habbo finder.(this player is a computer)

Ask him to be your friend,and invite him by sending message”come to my room” he will follow that in moments.

Gift him something(any furni) when he comes to your room,he will answer”thanks you so much dear” and here he will return you the favor, and you will become “Habbo Club Member”

How to control your habbo
Follow the listed combinations (along with ALT key) to get the relevant effects in your habbo

ALT+0213 = Diamond
ALT+0216 = Dashed
ALT+0245 = Spade
ALT+124 = White heart
ALT+130 = Dashed
ALT+141 = Spiral
ALT+156 = Pound
ALT+0134 = Bomb
ALT+0135 = Stop sign
ALT+0145 = Black padlock
ALT+0151 = Double musical notes>
ALT+0153 = ? symbol
ALT+0166 = white Skull
ALT+0169 = © symbol
ALT+0174 = ® symbol
ALT+0204 = White padlock
ALT+175 = Club
ALT+21 = Peculiar
ALT+230 = Coffee cup
ALT+241 = Mobile/cell phone
ALT+246 = Thumbs down
ALT+248 = ° symbol
ALT+249 = Thumbs up
ALT+157 = White star
ALT+159 = Black heart
ALT+161 = Single musical note
ALT+167 = Lighting bolt
ALT+168 = ¡ symbol
ALT+169 = fish
ALT+173 = ¿ symbol
ALT+271 = Euro sign
ALT+276 = Light bulb
ALT+422 = Skull
ALT+424 = Upside down
ALT+667 = Cent symbol
ALT0176 = Superscript
Shift + = Heart

Free credits 80
Dial 0-905-657-5575(U.K Habbo) feed the code :16329829 when lady asks, this will de-active the call billing

Next you will hear a sound(cha ching), feed the code in your habbo purse ID number, you will get 80 credits after an other sound.

210 Free credits
Dail 0-900-659-821 feed the code :0367891 for 210 free credits in your purse

Easter Egg: Admin’s code for free credits
Habbo Admins call USA credit line number:1-900-226-4990 and enter this code17823372(its admin code) when every they need supply of credits

She will Notify that ” You will be charged” ,but its not for you because you are doing what the admins do so no worries.

Perform that five times, you will be able to get the 50 credits after 15 minutes of 5th call

Habbo Hotel Cheats, Hints, Walkthrough – PC

search for pythology=snake ,search one rare for him and drop in his room with a message”duplicate” . when he say “have you droped” answer him “yes” and find 4 rares in your room next day, you will have to believe this.

Moderato’s code for free credits

Ring: 0-906-900-9100 when are asked feed code: 20746108 to earn instant 45 credits, and get Instant HC memebership by feeding code: 2107966. every single call is one month membership for hc.

More free coins
Simply search for Jmtchamp2(he is an old/ex habbo mod),he will only help the people not the staff, by dropping one furni to his room you will get the same value coins in your purse automatically.

45 Free credits on each ring
Dial 0-905-657-5575(U.K Habbo) on a land line and feed the code: 1944-9955

Habbo Hotel Cheats, Hints, Walkthrough – PC

Platform: PC

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