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The World Ends with You Cheats, Hints, Unlockables [Nintendo DS]

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There are cheats, hints, unlockables for The World Ends with You for NDS, enjoy!!

The World Ends with You Unlockables

New Game+

Complete the game once and you can play a new game + which you can replay the game with all of your items, skils that you already obtained. Just start a new game using your old save file.

Secret Ending Sequence

Collect every single Secret Report to find a secret ending sequence that can be unlocked.

Characters at Save Screen

The following character can be unlocked and viewed on the save screen.

  • Shiki Misaki

Complete Week 1

  • Joshua Kiryu

Complete Week 2

  • Daisukenojo Bito (Beat)

Complete Week 3

  • Sanae Hanekoma

Defeat Panthera Cantus (Pork City — Roof, chapter Another Day)

  • Rhyme (Noise Form)

Complete the Noise Report (find and defeat all 96 types of noise)

  • Mr. Mew

Master all 304 pins (includes metals, currency, etc.)

  • Rhyme (Human Form)

Collect all 472 types of items

Submitted by:Sherio X9

Special Items

  • Angel Feather

Complete “Final Time Attack” in the Room of Rekoning during “Another Day”

  • Character Item Abilities

First, you must making 100% friendship rating with Hanekoma, then you can unlock the varied character item abilities at Wildkat Café.

  • My Phones

After you completed the game, complete the Hanekoma’s Noise Form at the top of Pork City in “Another Day”.

  • Tin Pin Bahamut

Go to Molco and beat the Wizard in Tin Pin Slammer after beaten each of the five Black Skullers in “Another Day”.

These post contain The World Ends with You cheats, hints, unlockables for Nintendo DS platform. If you have another cheats, feel free to drop a comments 🙂



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