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Profesor Layton and The Diaobolical Box Cheats, Hints, Unlockable [NDS]

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Here are the Cheats, Hints, Unlockable for Profesor Layton and The Diaobolical Box on NDS platform.

Profesor Layton and The Diabolical Box Unlockable:

Top Secrets

Collect the amount of Picarats below to unlocking the following Top Secret. Then you can be accessed in the Top Secret section of the Bonus Menu.

  • Character Profiles – 2500 Picarats
  • Story Art – 3000 Picarats
  • Game Music – 3500 Picarats
  • Character Voices – 4000 Picarats
  • Movies – 4500 Picarats

Puzzles for Layton’s Challenges

You can unlock an option called Layton’s Challenge by playing the game..

  • The Musicians House (139, 140, 141)

– Gather the ten pieces of the camera and repair it, then take pictures of the nine camera icons appears. Find the 3 differences in each picture.

  • The Tea Master’s house (142, 143, 144)

– Gather all the tea ingredients and make the different brews. Satisfy the 28 characters that want tea with your recipes.

  • The Animal Lover’s House (145, 146, 147)

– In Layton’s Challenges mode, clear Level 1 on the Hamster minigame.

  • The Sweetheart’s House (148, 149, 150)

– When you beat the game, the final puzzles are unlocked.

  • The Puzzle Doctor’s House (151, 152, 153)

– Complete 150 puzzles.


Tea Recipes

If you combine the following items, you can make a new combination of the following teas:

  • 01 Belle Classic – Oasis Leaf, Brisk Berry, Belle Tart Seed
  • 02 Oasis Berry – Oasis Leaf, Brisk Berry, Brisk Berry
  • 03 Sugar Smoke – Oasis Leaf, Belle Tart Seed, Cinder Horse
  • 04 Root Remedy – Oasis Leaf, Joy Root Clover, Tonic Flower
  • 05 Cherry Boost – Oasis Leaf, Peppercherry, Peppercherry
  • 06 Bitter Fruit – Brisk Berry, Belle Tart seed, Tonic Flower
  • 07 Dream Spice – Brisk Berry, Dream Fluff, Peppercherry
  • 08 Clover Quencher – Brisk Berry, Joy Root Clover, Cinder Horse
  • 09 Radiance Blend – Belle Tart Seed, Dreaf Fluff, Joy Root Clover
  • 10 Cayenne Twilight – Dream Fluff, Joy Root Clover, Peppercherry
  • 11 Cinder Flower – Dream Fluff, Tonic Flower, Cinder Horse
  • 12 The Layton Elixer – Joy Root Clover, Peppercherry, Cinder Horse

This post contains Profesor Layton and The Diaobolical Box Cheats, Hints, Unlockable for NDS platform.

Platform: NDS
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