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Harvest Moon DS Cheats, Hints, Unlockables [Nintendo DS]

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There are cheats, hints, unlockables for Harvest Moon DS for NDS, enjoy!!

Harvest Moon DS hints:

Love & Presents

To win the love of the characters listed on the left, try giving them some of the items listed on the right.

  • Celia

Cake, Diamond, Perfume, Yarn

  • Flora

Diamond, Fish Fossil, Rainbow Curry

  • Harvest Goddess


  • Keria

Golden Lumber, Suns

  • Leia

Jewelry, Large Fish

  • Lumina

Cake, Diamond, Perfume, Relax Tea

  • Muffy

Apple Pie, Jewelry, Large Fish, Wine

  • Nami

Grape, Gratin, Sun, Wild Grape

  • Witch Princess

Rainbow Curry, Red Grass

Animals Health

Do the following each day to ensure the health of your animals. Keep in mind that dogs and cats are always healthy and don’t need any of the attention listed below.

  • Chicken

Pet, feed, and hold them

  • Cow

Pet, talk, brush, milk, and feed them

  • Duck

Pet, feed, and hold them

  • Horse

Pet, talk, brush, and feed them

  • Sheep

Pet, talk, brush, sheer, and feed them

Maintaining Mining Stamina

To make sure yo won’t run out of stamina when mining, buy the Med. Harvest Goddess Hat at Van for 500,000 g. When the Med. Harvest Goddess Hat is equipped, it heals 2 points of stamina for every action!

Lumina’s Love

The best way to win Lumina’s heart is to give her diamonds. You can get diamond by mining in certain level, if you’re mining from levels 90 through 99, you’ll find a diamond in almost every rock you mine. Give her one a day to increase her affection.

Muffy’s Love

The simple way to increase Muffy’s love is by giving Muffy some wine everyday.

Nami’s Love

To make Namy’s love increase, try to give her your Dog Ball everyday. The next day Mayor will stop by and say “You’ve lost the ball” and he’ll give you back the ball. Repeat this everyday to get Nami;s love.

Unlock Casino

To unlock the CTo unlock the Casino you must rescue the following sprites:

Roller – On 8 Spring, walk towards Vesta’s farm, crossing the bridge who runs the Medal Exchange.

And any one of the following:

Press A in front of the well next to the Blue Bar for Hops who runs the Poker Table.

Press A in front of the stove to the left of the Inner Inn for Tep, who runs the Blackjack Table.

Press A in front of the fountain in Romana’s Courtyard for Jum, who runs the Memory Game Table.

If you find all three, you can play all three games, but finding just one of the games will open the casino (albeit a sad looking one).

These post contain Harvest Moon DS cheats, hints, unlockables for Nintendo DS platform. Feel free to drop a comment if you have another cheat to be shared 🙂


Platform: NDS
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