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Final Fantasy III Cheats, Hints, Unlockables [Nintendo DS]

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There are cheats, hints, unlockables for Final Fantasy III on NDS, enjoy!!

Final Fantasy III unlockables

Unlock secret job: Onion Swordsman

Onion Swordman is one of the most powerful job with the Onion Equipment + past level 90’s. To unlock the Onion Swordman, you must to complete these requirements:

How to obtain:
1)Register someone elses’s (or multiple) communication ID under Mog Net.
2)Send message to another PC 7 times
3)Send and receive 4 messages from Topapa, on the fourth one you will receive a message to do a mini-quest.
4)Go to Ur (First town in the game)
5)Talk to Topapa
6)Go to the cave up north of the cave
7)At the drop hole, you will have an event and then will be proceeded to fight 3 bombs
8)After the battle, you will obtain a piece of crystal, which will unlock Onion Swordsman

access to secret dungeon

You can meet a secret boss that stronger than the last boss in a secret dungeon. To unlock the secret dungeon you must to complete the following requirements:

1)Send a total 7 mails to another PC (one or multiple) using Mog Net.
2)Send 4 mails using Mog Net to the NPC: The 4 Elderly
3)Send 4 mails to King Arusu and after reading the fourth one, you’ll unlock a quest
4)Go ride on the airship that can go underwater
5)Head for the floating island and once finding it, go exactly east..
6)You will eventually see a shadow in the waters, once you do go underwater to enter the cave
7)Soon after entering the dungeon, you will meet the secret boss

NOTE: This boss is notorious and mean. It does a total of 4 attacks per sound and also uses Meteo. Please be at a very high level before attempting this fight.

These post contain Final Fantasy cheats, hints, unlockables for Nintendo DS platform. Feel free to drop a comment if you have another cheats :-)

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