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Pokemon X & Y Cheats. Hints, Unlockables [Nintendo 3DS]

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There are cheats, hints, unlockables for Pokemon X & Y for 3DS, enjoy!!

Pokemon X & Y unlockables:


Perform a Game Sync, complete the gollowing on Global Link to unlock the specified trophies:

Ace Pilot

Use Fly in the field many times.

Archeology Lover

Revive a Pokemon from a fossil.

Battle Learner

Fight 100 battles.

Battle Maison 20-Win Streak (Double)

Successfully complete 20 Double Battles in a row at the Battle Maison.

Battle Maison 20-Win Streak (Multi)

Successfully complete 20 Multi Battles in a row at the Battle Maison.

Battle Maison 20-Win Streak (Rotation)

Successfully complete 20 Rotration Battles in a row at the Battle Maison.

Battle Maison 20-Win Streak (Single)

Successfully complete 20 Single Battles in a row at the Battle Maison.

Battle Maison 20-Win Streak (Triple)

Successfully complete 20 Triple Battles in a row at the Battle Maison.

Battle Teacher

Fight 200 battles.

Battle Test Beginner

Get the “Beginner” rank in the Battle Test.

Battle Test Normal

Get the “Normal” rank in the Battle Test.

Battle Veteran

Fight 400 battles.

Battle Virtuoso

Fight 2,000 battles.

Beginning Trader

Use Link Trade once.

Berry Gardener

Pick 10 Berries from fields.

Berry Picker Fan

Successfully complete Berry Picker Unlimited.

Berry Scientist

Create a mutated Berry.

Broad Friendship

Register 30 Friend Codes.

Bug-Type Catcher

Catch all Bug-type Pokemon in the KalosPokedex.

Busy Save

Save 20 times.

Capturing Spree

Catch 50 Pokemon in 24 hours.

Central KalosPokedexCompletionist

Successfully complete the Central KalosPokedex.

Coastal KalosPokedexCompletionist

Successfully complete the Coastal KalosPokedex.


Get the “Countess” rank in the Battle Chateau.

Dark-Type Catcher

Catch all Dark-type Pokemon in the KalosPokedex.

Day-Care Faithful

Frequently leave Pokemon at the Daycare.

Dragon-Type Catcher

Catch all Dragon-type Pokemon in the KalosPokedex.


Get the “Duchess” rank in the Battle Chateau.


Get the “Duke” rank in the Battle Chateau.


Get the “Earl” rank in the Battle Chateau.

Easy Cycling

Ride a Bicycle 30 times.

Egg Beginner

Hatch a Pokemon Egg.

Egg Breeder

Hatch 10 Pokemon Eggs.

Egg Elite

Hatch 50 Pokemon Eggs.

Electric-Type Catcher

Catch all Electric-type Pokemon in the KalosPokedex.

Evolution Authority

Evolve 100 Pokemon, enough to astound Pokemon Breeders.

Evolution Expert

Evolve 50 Pokemon and become recognized by Pokemon Breeders.

Evolution Hopeful

Evolve one Pokemon.

Evolution Tech

Evolve 10 Pokemon.

Exp. Millionaire

Earn 1,000,000 EXP. in 24 hours.

Experienced Saver

Save 50 times.

Extensive Friendship

Register 10 Friend Codes.

Fairy-Type Catcher

Catch all Fairy-type Pokemon in the KalosPokedex.

Fashion Leader

Accumulate a lot of clothing.

Fighting-Type Catcher

Catch all Fighting-type Pokemon in the KalosPokedex.

Fire-Type Catcher

Catch all Fire-type Pokemon in the KalosPokedex.

First Encounter

Meet a real-life player in the game.

First Friend

Register one Friend Code.

Fledgling Photographer

Send one photo to the Pokemon Global Link (PGL).

Flying-Type Catcher

Catch all Flying-type Pokemon in the KalosPokedex.

Frequent Trader

Use Link Trade 50 times.

Friend Safari 10

Have 10 encounters in the Pokemon Safari.

Ghost-Type Catcher

Catch all Ghost-type Pokemon in the KalosPokedex.

Good Rod Fisherman

Find 10 Pokemon when fishing.

Grand Duchess

Get the “Grand Duchess” rank in the Battle Chateau.

Grand Duke

Get the “Grand Duke” rank in the Battle Chateau.

Grass-Type Catcher

Catch all Grass-type Pokemon in the KalosPokedex.


Tip people generously.

Great Customer

Spend $100,000 at PokeMarts.

Great Trade-Up

Have 100 Link Trades.

Ground-Type Catcher

Catch all Ground-type Pokemon in the KalosPokedex.

Happy Birthday

Get a birthday wish through the PSS.

Hard Cycling

Ride a Bicycle 100 times.

Hatching Aficionado

Hatch 100 Pokemon Eggs.

Head It Fan

Successfully complete Head It Unlimited.

Heavy Walker

Walk 20,000 steps.

Honored Footprints

Walk 100,000 steps.

Light Walker

Walk 5,000 steps.

Link Battle Amateur

Fight one Link Battle.

Link Battle Pioneer

Have 10 Link Battles.

Lumiose Explorer

Explore much of Lumiose City and become very stylish.

Lumiose Star

Visit everywhere in Lumiose City, and become very stylish.

Lumiose Tourist

Explore some of Lumiose City and become a little stylish.


Get the “Marchioness” rank in the Battle Chateau.


Get the “Marquis” rank in the Battle Chateau.

Middle Walker

Walk 10,000 steps.

Mighty Fisher

Find 100 Pokemon while fishing.

Moderate Customer

Spend $10,000 at PokeMarts.

Mountain KalosPokedexCompletionist

Successfully complete the Mountain KalosPokedex.

Naming Champ

Give 10 Pokemon nicknames.

Never Give Up

Do not quit even when there is nothing you can do.

Noneffective Artist

Mistakenly use moves that are not effective (i.e. Electric on Ground).

Normal-Type Catcher

Catch all Normal-type Pokemon in the KalosPokedex.

O-Power Lv. 1

Use an O-Power once.

O-Power Lv. 2

Use an O-Power 10 times.

O-Power Lv. 3

Use an O-Power 50 times.

O-Power MAX

Use O-Powers 100 times.

Occasional Trader

Use Link Trade 10 times.

Old Rod Fisherman

Find a Pokemon when fishing once.


Meet 10,000 real-life players in the game.

Pedaling Legend

Ride a Bicycle 500 times.

Poison-Type Catcher

Catch all Poison-type Pokemon in the KalosPokedex.

PokeMile Hoarder

Accumulate 10,000 PokeMiles.

Pokemon Center Fan

Rest your Pokemon at a Center many times.

Pokemon-Amie Aficionado

Play with a Pokemon in Pokemon-Amie 10 times.

Poke Radar Operator

Get the data of 10 Pokemon using the Poke Radar.

PR Video Debut

Make one PR Video, and show it off.

Psychic-Type Catcher

Catch all Psychic-type Pokemon in the KalosPokedex.

Regular Customer

Keep going to PokeMarts and becoming a regular customer.

Rock-Type Catcher

Catch all Rock-type Pokemon in the KalosPokedex.

Smart Shopper

Get a Premier Ball (buy 10+ Poke Balls).


Meet 100 real-life players in the game.

Starter Cycling

Ride a Bicycle once.

Steel-Type Catcher

Catch all Steel-type Pokemon in the KalosPokedex.

Step-by-Step Saver

Save 10 times.

Successor in the Making

Get a Pokemon to Mega Evolve.

Super Rod Fisherman

Find 50 Pokemon while fishing.

Super-Training Instructor

Play with a Pokemon in Super Training 10 times.

Supereffective Savant

Repeatedly abuse type weaknesses (i.e. Fire on Grass).

Sweet Home

Return to your hometown (Vaniville Town).

Television Kid

Repeatedly watch television.

Tile Puzzle Fan

Successfully complete Tile Puzzle Unlimited.

Trash Master

Check empty trash cans.

Trick Master

Use many tricks on Roller Skates.


Get the “Viscount” rank in the Battle Chateau.


Get the “Viscountess” rank in the Battle Chateau.

Water-Type Catcher

Catch all Pokemon of this type in the KalosPokedex.

Wonder Writer

Save 100 times.


Pokemon X & Y hints:

Getting the Legendary Birds

One of the Legendary Birds Pokemon (Articuno, Moltres & Zapdos) from the original Pokemon Red and Blue will appear throughout Kalos after you defeating the Elite Four. The bird appears depending on your starter Pokemon. Articuno will appear if you choose Chespin, Moltres if youmchoose Froakie and Zapdos if you choose Fennekin. After encountering one of the birds, check its entry in your Coastal KalosPokedex. It will show the bird’s current location. You must walk (not fly) to the location and challenge the bird again. After fleeing several times, the bird will eventually retreat to Sea Spirit’s Den, finally allowing you the chance to catch it.


In the Pokemon Village, there is a cave beside small stream on the western side village. You can meet Mewtwo if you entering cave. But a man will block the cave entrance. In order to remove that man, you must to defeat the Elite Four first. Once you defeat the Elite Four, the man will disappear. Then go inside the cave and fight Mewtwo. Mewtwo is Level 70. You can cacth it using Ultra Ball (but you’ll need a lot of them) so using Master Ball is the best choice. As soon as you capture him, you will also get the special stone needed to activate Mewtwo’s Mega Evolution.

 GettingGlaceon and Leafeon

To evolve an Eevee into a Glaceon or Leafeon, you must be standing next to Ice Rock or Moss Rock when leveling it up. Ice Rock can be found first; it is located in the deepest part of the Frost Cavern (the cave is not too large). Moss Rock is found closer to the end the quest to defeat the Elite Four. It is on Route 20, between Snowbelle City and the Pokemon Village. Enter the area from Snowbelle to immediately see it.

Getting Pikachu

Pikachu can be found very early in Route 3, immediately after the forest, in small grass patches. Pikachu is a great early Pokemon. He has high special attack and speed stats that give him an advantage early in the game. His special characteristic, Static, works very well early in the game by paralyzing Pokemonthat come in contact with him. Pikachu also levels up very quickly early in the game with a lot of bird type Pokemon in the grinding areas. He is overall a great addition to any team early in the game.


To get a Sylveon, you must max out all three stats (Affection, Fullness, and Enjoyment) for an Eevee to evolve it into a Sylveon. To max out all stats for an Eevee, keep petting it and playing the mini-games. It should take approximately one hour to max out all the stats for the Eevee using this method. Note: Make sure to teach the Eevee a Fairy move before leveling it into the Sylveon.

These post contain Pokemon X & Y cheats, hints, unlockables for Nintendo 3DS platform. Feel free to drop  acomment if you have another cheats to share 😀

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